Wood pellets

Pellets are made of sawdust without any chemical additives. For the production of pellets, we use wood from coniferous woods. Currently, the trend towards recycling is gaining popularity all over the world, and the production of fuel pellets is one of the promising areas for the use of wood waste.
  Pellets are very environmentally friendly fuels that do not contain heavy metals or sulfur. When burning, only a small amount of carbon dioxide is released. We produce and sell ENPlus A1 high quality wood pellets certified to quality standard ID-NR BY003

The main characteristics of our pellets

6 mm
30 mm
Heat release
≥ 16.5 MJ / kg
≤ 10 %
≤ 0,7 %
EAN code

Finished products are packed in packages of 15 kg (Packing in customer packages is possible) and in large BIG BEG weighing 1 ton.

Please note that according to the decision of the EU certification bodies, the following certificates have been temporarily suspended:
1) FSC NC-COC-064557 - from 04/08/2022
1) ENplus BY 003 - from 04/15/2022